Case Study: How to Run a 7-Day Challenge

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7-Day Challenge Case Study

Today’s post is a case study withUndercover Architect,Amelia Lee.

Amelia attended the ProBlogger Evolve and Mastermind events in 2017, and adapted speakerJadah Sellner’s7天的挑战模式,以提高自己的领导产生和课程注册。

Here’s how she did it.

When I attended ProBlogger Evolve in 2017, I was specifically looking for guidance on how to market and run a new online program I’d been piloting. The format of “How to Get it Right” was a six-week program on a launch model, with six weeks’ membership to a Facebook group and weekly live Q&A sessions.

I already had an evergreen premium coaching program where I supported and guided homeowners through their projects over a 12-month period. This six-week program would be a standalone offering that would also give members a taste of the premium program and let them upgrade if they so chose.

在上Problogger发展,Jadah Sellner主yabo娱乐谋天(以前简单的绿色冰沙)做了她的签名“如何建立一个挑战”的过程的介绍。她使用的挑战名单建设者过成功,以及为销售产品和方案在网上大转换工具。





  1. We hosted the challenge itself inside our online course platformWe already had a WordPress site with the Access Ally plugin to run our online “Your Reno Roadmap” program. We built the 7-Day Challenge as a course inside there to make it easy to:
    • create a great user experience
    • drip-feed content
    • provide extra resources.


  2. The first six steps of my “How to Get it Right in Your Reno or New Home” content became the six days of the free challenge

    这六个步骤是第一步骤,任何人都需要做,如果计划里诺或新的家庭。但通常是由房主错过。而不是共享过程中的所有内容,我用讲故事和例子来教的步骤。我创建了一个简短的视频为呈现这个信息挑战的每一天。我用我的iPad Pro来拍摄他们在我的办公室(与我们的公鸡在后台鸡鸣),并在iMovie编辑它们。

  3. 我们的在线课程中的每一天提供额外的yabo娱乐国际资源

    We included links to blogs or podcasts on Undercover Architect’s website, and other online resources. We also created an interactive PDF worksheet to help homeowners relate the learnings to their own projects. (These were created in Canva, and then made interactive in Adobe Acrobat.)

  4. 我们跑了Facebook和Instagram的广告发起挑战

    We advertised a start date for seven-day challenge It was part of the lead up to launching the program, with day seven of the challenge being the ‘cart open’ day to purchase “How to Get it Right”.It was a great lead generator.I’ve run the challenge twice now, and it’s added more than 1,500 people to my email list, with low conversion costs on Facebook.

  5. 在实际的挑战,我们上传的每一天的挑战视频卧底建筑师Facebook页面,与CTA参加,如果他们想访问课程网站内的免费资源。yabo娱乐国际


    (We did this with a lot of “If/Then” settings in ActiveCampaign, and “Wait until specific date”. As an aside, if you’re an Access Ally owner, I recommend joining Nathalie Lussier’s Facebook Group for Access Ally. I got an immediate reply in there when asking a question about how to get this to work in Active Campaign).This meant we could run Facebook ads to each day’s video, and collect email addresses while the challenge was live.


  6. 挑战的第七天是一个Facebook直播


  7. 然后,我们再定位的Facebook上的广告,从挑战视频观众和电子邮件列表。在“车开”的阶段,我们也跑等活动。




怎么有这样的表现与其他发射?逢l, the last two launches of “How to Get it Right” have certainly been the biggest revenue launches I’ve done. They’ve also been the most structured, with a lead generation strategy and marketing campaign.

With the most recent launch I used the Content Strategy Pat Flynn shared during his Mastermind session to feed the launch into my podcast content. This worked really well too.


We’re also reviewing whether the 7-Day Challenge will stay on our online course site, or whether we’ll give it a different home. I’ve noticed Pat Flynn runs his mini-courses on Leadpages, as do many other online businesses that release a video each day in the same way. We had a bit of tech management to do with each challenge as people familiarised themselves with the username/password process of logging into a site, and so Leadpages may alleviate this.

But the 7-Day Challenge is a fantastic information asset for Undercover Architect, and super valuable to those who participate. So it’s definitely something we’ll feature in our business in the not-too-distant future.

We’re currently focusing on building another complimentary online program called “Manage Your Build” that will help homeowners oversee the construction of their new home or renovation with sanity, confidence and ease.

I was incredibly grateful for the opportunity to attend ProBlogger Evolve 2017, and for what I learned there. The calibre of expertise, and the generosity of teaching and sharing, was amazing. And to have the queen of challenges herself, Jadah Sellner, give me personal advice on how to structure mine was invaluable.

So, what challenge will you create for your audience?



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