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沉迷于您的任何博客的一个侧面 - 如何让你的博客转到#9

Posted By达伦·罗斯 2008年6月27日 其他博客技巧 0 Comments

让 - 你 - 博客 - 围棋 其中之一,我看到一个博客“去下”是当博客被从博客的一个单一层面博客的总体任务分心最常见的方式。

Here’s the thing – for a blog to become successful you can’t just work on one aspect of it – there are many tasks to work on as it grows. These include writing content, engaging readers, watching what’s going on in your niche, building networks with other blogs and sites in your niche, working on the design of your blog, moderating comments, promoting your blog/marketing, finding, managing and optimizing income streams, search engine optimization, tracking your blog’s metrics…. and more.


The problem comes when a blogger becomes obsessed with any one aspect of the list – at the expense of other aspects.

每个legiti我上面提到的事情mate things to work about on your blog (some more important than others at different stages of a blog’s life) however a blog grows best when you’re working on them all and not just when you do one of them.


Let me share five common scenarios that I see:

1.设计狂人- 也许这是最常见的例子之一是谁变得如此痴迷的博客怎么自己的博客看起来,他们这样做没有别的,而是由他们的CSS玩耍,抚摸起来的标志,尝试不同的布局,测试新的菜单和导航直观地调整它...。

Not that there’s anything wrong with any of this – but if it’s all you do when are you going to write content, do some networking and moderate comments?

2.搜索引擎优化(bsessed)– I went through a phase where I became obsessed by Search Engine Optimization. Symptoms of this disorder includewriting for Search Engines instead of human beings(you know, posts with the same keywords 400 times, all bolded and in heading tags), spending more time tweaking your templates more than you spend time writing content, making every post you write link to your ‘make money online’ page which is filled with affiliate links, checking yourpage rankevery morning before you moderate your comments and sending out hundreds of emails to other bloggers you’ve never heard of before要求他们链接您的帖子...。

OK – again, SEO isn’t evil, Search Engines can actually be a rich source of traffic for your blog – however SEO is also enhanced by quality content, well coded sites and the best sites rank well in SE’s because they get linked to for their quality.

3. The Social Media Sell Out –这是大多数博客在某一阶段经历过。他们听到的关于交通的群众说像Digg或StumbleUpon公司网站可以发送和他们写后后后,特别是与获得社会书签网站的头版上的希望。

You know the posts I’m talking about – 419 Stupid Britney Spears Quotes, 10 Ways to Skin a Cat…. Really!, Ron Paul (insert anything here)….

这些类型的职位可以得出大量的流量到您的博客,问题是,它可以是一个相当空的经验,如果你没有你的博客的设计工作,并制定了如何保持读者。它也可以阻碍你的普通读者谁是物质的想要的职位。最后的交通可以说是相当的破坏性(包括你的服务器和你的帖子的评论领域 - 特别是如果你画出万个愤怒的Digg用户到您的博客)。当然 - 写一些帖子和试验社交媒体,但不要痴迷。

4.资金饥渴的Blogger– There’s nothing wrong with monetizing your blog but if someone arrives at your blog and there is NOTHING but ads above the fold of your blog you might want to have a think about the first impression you’re creating.

If every post you write contains an affiliate link or is a paid review, welcomes another sponsor, calls for new sponsors or launches your latest ebook – then you also might want to consider the reputation that you’re creating for yourself as a blogger.

5. The Stat-a-holic– if you wake up in the morning and before you have a coffee, head to the bathroom, kiss your wife or pick up your screaming baby from his cot…. you’ve just got to check your blog’s stats – YOU’VE GOT A PROBLEM!

再次,大多数博客经过一个阶段时,他们开始出来的时候,他们似乎检查他们的博客的统计多次比前一交易日几乎做别的事情 - 但对于一些博客,他们永远也长不大的出来。他们花了一小时一小时,不仅检查游客人数,但有检查的日常过程,其中每一位读者从他们浏览的网页,什么链接他们点击,他们耗时多久每一页上到达,他们离开后前往。

Knowing how people use your blog is good – but…. if you spend more time checking stats then anything else you’ll notice one big stat – no one comes back because you’re not putting enough time into writing content!


I could go on describing bloggers who obsess over promoting their blog, networking, building reader community, writing on only one aspect of your niche, exploring new blog tools etc – but you get the picture.

This stuff is all good – but you’ve got to keep some balance!

Tips for Single Minded Bloggers

Do a Time Audit– Take some time out today and think about how you use your time when it comes to blogging. Where is the majority of your time going? List all the tasks in the order that you put time in and ask yourself – am I in danger of obsessing over any one of them? What am I ignoring that I should be doing more of?


给自己定一个时间表- 一两件事,我在博客初期所做的就是给自己设定一个时间表。当时我正在做两份工作,学习的一部分时间,所以只有几个小时的日子,所以我的日程安排包括在早上检查邮件一点点时间,去上班写一个或两个,后然后在一小时前晚上,我献给我的时间到网络,电子邮件和缓和的意见。每周一次我也把一个小时的预留一些搜索引擎优化和每月一次我把留出时间来设计。

Create a Points System– Another system that some bloggers use is to create a ‘points system‘ where they give themselves different ‘points’ for achieving certain goals on their blog.

从别人那里得到反馈– I’d also recommend asking someone else for their feedback on this. Sometimes it’s easy to get distracted on one aspect of your blog without realizing it. Ask another blogger or a trusted reader or two for honest feedback on how they think you’re going. You might be surprised with what they come back with.


What is your obsession (or has been) as a blogger? Are you in danger of getting out of balance? What do you do to keep yourself more balanced?

达伦·罗斯is the founder and editor ofProBlogger Blog Tipsand数码摄影学校。更多地了解他here并与他上推特,Facebook,Google+的andLinkedIn
  1. 我一般每天早上检查

    2.访问号 - 现场仪表独特/重复


    Santosh Puthran

  2. 优秀的帖子!

    Till some weeks back, I was obsessed big time with stats. Not as severe as what you have written here, but yes, I checked the stats first thing in the morning, and then every hour or so….




  3. 我通过statholic阶段去了,反弹从FeedBurner的谷歌分析到FireStats到CrazyEgg重振,然后再返回,差不多一小时一次。这是一个艰难打破的习惯,但现在我只剩下一天两次,集中在当我检查电子邮件。

  4. My obsession is with the writing itself. I tend to focus on the quality of the content at the expense of website design and just about everything else. But, I’m forcing myself to do the other stuff, slowly but surely! ; )

  5. 优秀的帖子!我是一个疯狂的博客!这是正确的,我很着迷,所以不要你讲坏我!J / K!


  6. 我迷恋改为从其他博客的许多信息成为可能。这让我更少的时间抢了我自己的博客照顾。

  7. ha! so the fact that i check my # of feed subscribers before leaving for work in the morning is a bad thing?

    this is a great post — i’m guilty of many of these on occasion, but the nice thing about my blog is that i’m obsessed with the topic (cooking and recipes!) most of all — there’s a lot of actual cooking and baking that has to go before any content is published, and since that takes up 80% of my free time, it’s hard to get obsessed with any of the other stuff. i do need sleep occasionally!

  8. I didn’t realize there were so many facets to blogging. Thanks, Darren, for pointing them out. Just knowing what goes into a blog will keep me from obsessing about one or the other and will help me schedule my blogging time more wisely!

  9. 当启动一个博客我们都会痴迷于设计。一旦这个阶段结束后,我们都会痴迷于数据统计,那么SEO ...它是进化。

  10. 我这样一个stataholic我丈夫带走了我的权利,谷歌Analytics(分析)。他以“饲料”我的信息一次,而关于该网站是怎么做的。

  11. Evolution… that’s a good way to look at it. It’s amazing to me how many bloggers get wrapped up in their blog. Some spend countless hours tweaking, modifying, posting, editing, etc. It’s important to make sure, especially if it is a business venture, that the time you spend is well spent. It can be a time eater if you aren’t careful.

  12. 我的主要痴迷是让所有这些待办事项stuffz尽可能平衡。不是一项容易的任务;-(

  13. 你好。我的名字是丹,我是一个blogaholic。:-)哇,你很可能说明我的最后6个月。更有理由做你以前什么建议:重点关注不仅是我们的内容,但我们在世界上的利基。I’m trying to focus on just increasing subscribers, rather than day to day visits/Diggs/Stumbles, etc. If I can keep the subscribers, its a sign that they are coming to the site for good content and not just shiny, blinking lights.

  14. 在过去的十几天,我已经改变了我的博客主题的3倍,但仍不能满足于我有什么。我还设计了新的一个,我认为将是最后一个。它已经过了一个月,因为我建立了我的博客,我想我只花了几个小时的内容。希望这将很快改变。

    My other obsession is that I check stats first thing in the morning, and pretty much every time i get online. I think I’m going to remove stat plugins that I have and only use google analytics. Since they update every 24 hours, I should be able to spend more time on the content.

  15. 我有所有我的那些小任务(阅读其他博客和评论,回复评论和电子邮件,检查统计等),每天的待办事项列表,但现在我专注于一致的内容。

    If my blog isn’t worth reading, does the rest of it matter?

  16. 通过几个人去了,得到了超过他们,但并得到了在成为一个更悠闲。还有更好的事情在生活中做我不是让痴迷过我的博客的某些方面,这件事情我真的做了乐趣和博客的纯粹的享受,但仅此而已。


  17. Glad to hear I’m not the only one who wakes up and thinks, “Man…I really have to go! Can I hold it long enough to check my stats?!”

    My wife likes to check out our stats, too, and frequently emails me at work when FeedBurner updates the chicklet displaying our current subscriber count. It is potentially addicting, but something I imagine fades as you get more acquainted with blogging success.

  18. I am actually getting ready to set up my very first personal blog…However, at the moment, I author several blogs for the company I work for and can definitely attest to the fact that I’ve seen several people go through these various blog scenarios. Hopefully, I won’t fall into it- although I probably will :) Great article!

  19. 伟大的职位,因为我是一个相对较新的博客,我不得不承认,我一直迷恋我的博客网站的设计。我最终选择一些作品,但我丈夫昨晚说,“你会改变它的心跳,如果你以为你找到更好的东西。”我也痴迷过统计在我之前的其他网站。所有这使得一个强调了博客。我一定要建立一个时间表,并坚持下去。

  20. 我认为,重要的是要知道博客的所有方面 - 内容,网络,检查的统计数据。网络需要的几乎我的时间(叽叽喳喳,跟随他人的博客,写了宝贵的意见)。而在偶数平衡有眼。网络没有内容是无用的 - 提供内容,没有人看着它是令人沮丧的。

  21. Great post Darren. I think it pretty much summarizes the situation for everyone who’s self employed over the web these days.


    You wouldn’t be so obsessed about the wellbeing of your business if it went easier. You’d have more time for your family and friends if you knew that your business takes care of itself.

    Sadly, it doesn’t. Even if, at some point in time, it rocks, you still need to look out for competition – on a daily basis.

  22. 我猜测谷歌Analytics(分析)可以帮助我们摆脱只更新每天一次,不是吗?

  23. 在复苏的道路上的第一步是承认你有一个问题 - 我是一个统计邻霍利奇。

  24. 我认为,社会化媒体臭虫咬了我。这是很好的和别人聊天起来,但它可以是一个可怕的浪费时间了。这是一个微妙的平衡!困难,尤其是当我有旅行有时为我的博客得到很大的内容!

  25. The cleanest blogs are to me the most visually interesting as it says the writer is more concerned about content than marketing gimmicks and ploys. I’m new to blogging — well, I’ve been doing it for about 18 months — and am using my blog as postcards to friends and family to form a larger work about being an American expatriat. Addictions of most sorts are about losing control and wasting time. This article was the first to me about the other side of blogging — since I don’t know about the gimmicks, I have not been sucked into them. My writing purpose has stayed untainted by this. As it should — I write about being in the big wide world. Thanks for the insights.

  26. This is one of the posts that I can see myself doing alot. That would be the designing part. I try to control my obsession, but being a free lance designer doesn’t help. Whenever I am free, I am trying to find bugs in my own site.

  27. Since my blog is still pretty new, I find it normal to obsess about my stats, but I should take your tip and stop from now so I don’t turn into a stat freak.

  28. 好贴。猫的图片是一个裂缝笑起来

  29. We all fall in all categories one time or another. When youre a newbie (Im kind a newbie), you pass for each one!. Im still in all of them! By the way I have your book, I have your book!!! and it is great!

  30. 顺便说一下,我是想问你,为什么一个博客需要审核评论?什么目的?你有一个帖子把这个问题?这将真正帮助我。谢谢!

  31. 嘿winnning初创公司 - 我也是一个STAT-A-霍利奇

    I am a stat-a-holic and proud.


  32. 我是一个承认stataholic,但我想做得更好。我想我会采取从Raag Vamdatt的提示,并设置特定时间来检查我的统计。我不想落得驾驶自己疯了。但我认为,每一个Blogger已经从它们中的至少一个在同一时间或其他遭遇。

  33. 我在一开始花了几个星期之前,我去现场经历尽可能多的WordPress主题,因为我可以从人的角度发现,所有我是经过简单的和干净的主题。我想解决一个主题,我开始之前,避免到我的网站是什么样子的任何重大变化。

    至于统计每天早上我检查;不everyone? It’s exciting to get the latest data and it provides (hopefully) some degree of reassurance that you’re not talking to yourself.

  34. Funny musings…repeating your keywords is a good way to boost your search engine ranikings but it may not appeal to your readers.

  35. I think the content is the king!

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