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Every now and again I am pulled aside at a conference or am emailed and/or tweeted by someone wanting to get the “real” scoop on whether it is possible to make money blogging.

  • 难道真的有可能从博客谋生?
  • 它是人从博客赚钱只是一个小数目?
  • Is it only really possible to make money blogging if you write about the topic of making money blogging?

I completely understand the questions and would probably want to add one more:

  • If it is怎么可能赚钱博客,容易是不是,你会成功吗?

我写过很多次了on ProBlogger about this in the hope of giving a realistic picture of the topic, but I think it is worth touching on again because there is a lot of misinformation out there right now.

On one hand, we see hype on the topic. Periodically someone will claim to be able to make millions from blogging quickly. These claims are usually accompanied with the release of a product or service (i.e. they are marketing spin).


The reality is somewhere between these two extremes.



我的博客已经将近十年,佛r nine of those I’ve been making money blogging. It started out as just a few dollars a day but in time it逐渐成长为成为相当于兼职的,然后一个全职工作,以及最近进入了使用他人的企业。

I used to talk about the specific levels of my earnings when I started ProBlogger but felt increasingly uncomfortable about doing so (it felt a little voyeuristic and a little like a big-headed boasting exercise and I didn’t really see the point in continuing to do it)— but my income has continued to grow each year since I began.

在某一个层次我是在正确的正确的地方时,我进入早期博客(2002年...虽然我觉得我迟到了它在时间),并已幸运地有开始博客at opportune times on the topics I write about.

然而我知道的a few other bloggers who make a living from blogging, many of whom have not been blogging anywhere near as long as I have.


我下面给你一些例子,但你可能也想看看我的How to Make Money Blogging Tutorial too

2. There is no Single way to Make Money from Blogs

Recently at ourMelbourne ProBlogger event我在我们的阵容扬声器谁适合兼职全职谱地方特色许多澳大利亚博客。它们包括:


Most of these bloggers are full-time (or well on the way to being full-time bloggers). They come from a wide array of niches andall monetize quite differently-doing一切从卖广告,具有会员资格的地区,以销售电子书,运行的会员优惠活动,以促进他们离线企业,把自己卖扬声器,具有本书论述,等等。许多有不同的收入流的组合。

They are all also Australian, and are just the tip of the iceberg in terms of what is happening here in Australia—the same thing is being replicated around the globe.


How to Make Money Blogging

我也记录了这free hour-and-twenty-minute webinar给介绍的话题。

3. There are no Formulas


In my experience there is no formula.


There are certainly similarities in many of the stories but each blogger has their own personality and style, each one is reaching a different audience, and each niche tends to monetize differently.

The key lesson is to be aware of what others are doing and to learn what you can from each other, but to also be willing to forge your own path as well!


One common critique of the topic of monetizing of blogs is that the only people making money from blogging are the ones writing about how to make money blogging.


In the above list of speakers from our Melbourne event you’ll notice I included topic/niche of each blogger. None sell products teaching others to make money blogging—all are on blogging on “normal,” every-day topics.


I’ve interviewed numerous full-time bloggers of late in a webinar series including:




In a recent survey of 1500 ProBlogger readers we asked about their monthly earnings. What you’re seeing below is the spread of earnings from readers who are attempting to make money blogging (note: not all ProBlogger readers attempt to make money, so not all are included in these results).


Keep in mind that ProBlogger readers are generally newish bloggers—about half of those who took this survey had been blogging for less than two years.

因此,那些想赚钱的博客,10%的人不作任何事情,28%的每天超过30美分,使更少。总共有63%每天进行小于3.50 $。


Having said that, of the 1508 bloggers surveyed 65 (4%) are making over $10,000 per month (over six figures per year) and a further 9% were doing over $1000 per month (which is at least a part-time level of income).

My feeling, having been attending blogging conferences for six or so years now, is that the number of full-time bloggers is on the rise, and there are actually quite a few more people now at least making the equivalent of a couple of days’ work a week in income from their blogs.



When I dig down into the stats from the survey on income levels above, and do some analysis of those who are in the top income bracket, it is fascinating to look at how long they’ve been blogging.

85% of those in that top income bracket have been blogging for four years or more. Almost all of the others had been blogging for three or four years.

这当然是我自己的经验。我在博客里一年不赚钱,一旦我开始货币化之前,我走近一个全职的收入水平是两年左右的逐步提高。这本来是四年前我加入收入(每月超过$ 10,000),最重要的是支架。

博客ging for money is not a get-rich-quick thing. It takes time to build an audience, to build a brand, and to build trust and a good reputation.



Longevity is not the only key to a profitable blog. The other common factor that I’ve noticed in most full-time bloggers is that they are people of行动


博客ging as “passive income stream” is another theme that we hear in many make-money-blogging products, however it is far from my own experience.

I’ve worked harder on my business over the last ten years than I’ve worked on anything in my life before this. It is often fun and gives me energy, but it takes considerable work to create content on a daily basis, to keep abreast of what’s going on in the community, to monitor the business side of things, to create products to sell, to build an audience, and so on.


  1. Creating Great Blog Content
  2. Finding Readers for Your Blog
  3. Building Community on Your Blog
  4. Making Money/Monetizing Your Blog


Note: the other major factor is starting. It might sound obvious but I’m amazed how many people I meet have ‘dreams’ for starting a blog but never do it!以下是如何开始一个博客(do it today)!


Yes, it is possible to make money blogging. There is an ever-increasing number of people making money from blogging at a part-time to full-time level —however they are still in the minority.

Those who do make a living from blogging come from a wide range of niches, however one of the most common factors between them is that they’ve been at it for a long while.

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  1. 这是非常振奋。我喜欢这样的事实,那些谁使$ 0的比那些谁使$ 99- $ 499逊色得多。有些人的博客写作和盈利的快乐是不是他们的首要目标。此外,如果他们是新的博客世界里,他们根本就没有时间来找出他们所拥有的各种选择。我很高兴我做到了,以这个饼图的另一侧速度非常快,虽然我从话题选择货币化取得了年初的每一个错误。需要货币化的战略思维和基础。如果没有先准备的基础上,你基本上重新开始。

    Another interesting point is that you felt you were late to start in 2002, that’s how I felt in 2010. Now I am glad I did, because everything is much harder now. At least I had some time to build a reputation.

    • 我完全同意这个职位,达伦同意。我同意莲娜,如果你想从你的博客赚钱,你需要策略的。我只写博客超过5个月,我已经达到每月$ 1000美元大关。但我也花了4个月做的研究和制定战略。在接下来的两个月里,我推出了个性化的服务和销售的电子书,我知道我的观众有兴趣,所以我希望能够让更多的然后。


      • 我很高兴地看到,运筹帷幄是一些有意义的事情做。我已经花了过去几周把东西的地方和收集信息等,以最大限度的博客我自2008年以来已经目前有并有力地推动一个我刚开始了。对于一个有一点我觉得也许我是在浪费时间做所有的预专家组的工作,但我觉得这是更好地进入它至少这样,我就不会被淹死门的右出知识......。

        • 这是超级值得佳佳。因为它几乎将您的网站的基础。因此,它永远不会浪费时间。这感觉就像是,但你会看到它,你做了正确的事情。


    • I loved this article! It was informative, honest, and uplifting. I have considered blogging part time, but never realized there were so many ways to make money. I knew that you could money via advertising and freelancing, but ebooks and flipping/selling blogs? Who would have thought! I have a passion for writing about holistic medicine & therapies and organic food. Do have any advice for this type of blog? Is it a good topic, something people want to read about? Are there too many health bloggers out there? Any advice would be appreciated.

  2. 嗨达伦

    我喜欢这篇文章。这是诚实和真实,使the very important point that blogging is a long term strategy. Too many think they can blog for 6 months and make a fortune. But like you say it’s hard work. It’s about building a strong following, delivering quality content, defining your niche and putting your stamp on the world.



  3. 真正的好东西。我一直在写博客了几个月,虽然我喜欢它,它需要的工作。也许最重要的因素是重点和一致性。


  4. Love the honesty here. I write in the making money teaching guitar niche as that’s exactly what I do when I’m not writing about it. Impact is what drives me, one of my ebook customers did a gig with Ed Sheeran and when I found out I was over the moon! Write because you love it.

  5. 谢谢。这是有帮助的。我写的婴儿潮时期出生的消费者,我需要对广告和其他方法来赚钱的想法。作为一名记者,写文章是不是学习方法来赚钱容易,我。

  6. 是的,我们也能赚钱,但它需要时间和一点努力多写了一篇文章

  7. You have given 7 very good and value rich points here. For me, #3 and #5 stand out the most, nice article. But i want to know that if we are posting are article in various article directories then will this also improve out search engine ranking?

    Thanks for sharing this information.

  8. I am impressed by the results on the piechart, it is almost a pareto principle.

  9. 伟大的文章。我继续阅读关于“赚钱的博客”,但我窗台不知道怎么做,除了刚投放广告在博客上。我不知道有这么多其他创造性的方法来赚钱从博客。这绝对是一门艺术和科学,我希望开始赚取一点东西一天。

  10. Thank you so much for this post Sir Darren. You know, you always inspires me! I have started blogging late 2010, and you are 100%, making money from blogging requires a lot of hard work, and it takes time. I am doing freelance job lately, but I have found out that I cannot really create a passive income, so I decided to create a blog, it’s not my first time though, in fact I have bought one of your ebook before deciding to retire my old blog and concentrate on this one… and I am open-minded now, I know I have to wait, work hard and wait to build my own name, and not just that, I have to spend money to invest on my blog… Anyway, thanks for the sale, am looking one for me!

  11. 爱你的列表和脚踏实地的解释,并链接到其他巨星在非博客领域

  12. OH MY GOSH! once again, what a perfect blogpost!!!! since may 2009 I’m learning, reading a lot of ebooks, PDF’s, watching videos, taking action, going back, learning again, no partying, doing nothing more than learn how to blog, about branding, design, marketing and so on, and after all this, I can understand all the advices like this, but anyways, read posts like this makes me totaly happy because I think “cool! I wasn’t doing it wrong, it’s just I need to keep doing it!”



  13. 我们一直在写博客6个月左右,并且是1K一个月期之上,所以我想这是做得非常welll!请参阅我们的收入报告在这里(另一个为十一月在今晚)。

  14. Contrary to some of your facts, I have seen many bloggers making more than $10,000 from very 1st year of their start.

  15. Superbly helpful article, thank you. Like many others, I didn’t start blogging in order to make money, but to provide a service. Now money is trickling in it is heartening to know that it could grow! I guess that’s what happens naturally – if the money starts coming in you start devoting more time to the blog, which makes more money come in. ProBlogger is a great resource, thank you.

  16. 如此多的新手浪费自己的时间来寻找从博客赚钱的快捷方法。和达伦你博客的神。你把点用100%诚信,这里是没有formula.and它需要很多的辛勤工作和time.you促使我们做更多艰苦的工作。

  17. ]I’ve just started a blog looking the way to make money online with my new blog and I believed that make money online does exist, but those who have never made will say it does.

  18. Each and every point mentioned in the post above is absolutely true. When I began blogging almost 5 yrs back, I used to wonder whether it is possible to make money online or not and now after many years I’ve realized that it is actually possible to earn full time income from blogging.

  19. It took me quite a few years to learn how to monetize my blog and although I’m still not earning that much as compare to super star bloggers, I still have to say that passion should be the main reason why bloggers blog.. then money can always follow

  20. 我一直在写博客了九个月,现在,它是一个有趣的旅程。我开始阅读的达伦的书籍之一,并通过这个网站扫描的东西三个多月。然后在2月份我们开始了博客。我们,使我和我的朋友一起工作,这是我推荐给每一个新手博客出了什么事。你会学到更多通过简单地讨论事情,关注博客,网络营销,用户体验;事情是与你的利基紧密相连,因此成为权力甚至更快;学习和测试方法来赚钱?
    The journey so far has been volatile to say the least. It’s never a steady, paved road. It’s rather paving the road as you go, discovering new things along the way that may or may not lead you where you wanted to go.

    关于钱;这是六个月后,我们便开始做一些。我们甚至在这之前做了一个或两个美分,但我们不要指望这一点。我们做了一些钱,第一次是真正令人相当兴奋考虑到$ 200是在不到10天挣的事实。这是一个联属网络营销方法,通过排名为高我们提出的审查的产物。审查是根据我与产品体验的东西,从偏向因为它可以得到远的东西,人们发现它实际上是有帮助购买的产品到底。这使我相信,没有一个神奇的公式。你刚才提出宝贵的东西,无论我们是在谈论的内容,解决了一些问题,一些有价值的信息,这东西也许招待...


    Once you learn the craft it gets easier by the day, and the opportunities are growing exponentially.

  21. Thanks for this post. This is encouraging and mind opening. I think what opened my eyes the most is your comment that you photography blog makes 10x the income of Problogger. I might have to just discover some way to create a second blog that isn’t in the help others to build a business online niche.

    Thanks for all you do.

  22. 达伦

    Thanks for the reality check! Maybe you can do another one where they can show the time it takes to make this money! Giving people real stats shows them the real side of blogging and how some of us are making it in this online world!

  23. 大点达伦,我认为你是在这一个点。我怕太多的博客不收集电子邮件地址,我并不是在谈论Feedburner的,赚钱是容易得多,如果你有一个清单,因为我相信你会同意!:) 凯特

  24. 非常相关的,及时的和有用的信息。由于达伦。原理图和饼图摇滚!

  25. 首先,非常感谢你对达伦是几年来的灵感。没有你的贵重物品我可能已经放弃了博客年前。我已经在我目前的利基博客现在刚刚超过5年。

    我同意,它确实需要确立自己在你的利基博客,开始吸引任何势头的一年或两年。虽然我不写博客为生,钱我一定要让开始成为一个很好的补充,我的经常性收入。花了一个很好的固体3年前我开始做了一个月几百元。我的收入来源来自3个的区别来源:1)谷歌AdSense的 - 这是为了挣钱极其缓慢的方式,目前占我月收入的不到10%。2)联盟计划 - 我选择了工作,建立企业,提供销售佣金为他们的每个产品我的助销。这些10%的佣金,最多可以添加,但这些销售往往会一波接一波,并不总是一致的。3)赞助 - 一旦我的博客囊括足够的追随者,交通和信任,我开始吸引赞助商。我卖给他们的广告空间,也使他们经常提到在我的博客文章。在某些情况下,赞助商找我第一,但大部分我得到了赞助商的,我不得不出去工作。我坚持认为,所有我的赞助商中有我博客上无论是在产品,服务或事件的利基一些直接连接。 I avoid non-niche related sponsors like the plague as my readers would ignore those sponsors completely and not give my sponsors the needed attention they were looking for. It’s a slow process, and if I would ever be able to work full time on this I could probably double or triple the number of sponsors I have now. So there is a lot of potential for making more money.


    For me, my subject is craft beer and the brewers and breweries in my region that produce them. There’s never an end to the number of fans who love beer and that gives me a nice audience to draw from. It takes time to garner their trust and support, but making money can be done with persistence, hard work and enthusiasm.

  26. 一个有趣的问题,我会感激你研究是众多普通读者如何做一个博客需要赚取一定数额的钱。我觉得具有回头率阅读会更有利可图不是依赖于搜索引擎的流量的人,但也许我错了这一点。

  27. 喜欢这个。我一直在博客1个月害羞的一年和最近刚刚收支平衡。我的心态,这是一个长期增长的演出。我的观点是,大多数人花4年,成千上万的美元,以获得一个学位,他们开始赚钱为什么还要博客有什么不同了。

  28. 感谢您的这篇文章中,达伦。我一直想赚钱我的牙科摄影博客有一段时间了,但最大的一个障碍是花费的时间始终做到这一点的量。It’s definitely a niche market, and one that no one else is really doing as I am, but with a full-time day job that makes a lot of money (dentist), it’s hard to justify the time necessary to pursue what is needed to get the advertisers, or to build a subscription base, but it would be great to build that second, passive income. One of these days I may get around to it……or maybe I’ll just keep doing it because I love it.


  29. What a refreshing article. When I started making money blogging on personal finance advice there were a lot of people close to me that wanted to start blogging too. I am on the smaller end of that income scale so I have never been able to quantify the various levels of income like you did. Great stuff!

  30. It took me a few moths to generate within the “grey” area, but today it is all a “purple” haze. Blogging does work, but it does take some time. Using other methods like video, which is becoming the largest platform for information consumption today is a great help to your blogging efforts. Click through rates went up 35% the day I added video towards the top of the content itself, it let people know that you don’t have to read, you can listen and scan away…
    Thanks for the post Darren…

  31. Very useful and great post. I am only blogging for 4 months and all runs on free services, so that would reveal which earning category I fall into. Anyhow, your points are excellent starters, but I got the feeling that many newcomers will just stop working harder or give up after reading it. I know facing the reality is tough to accept for some. Cheers to the ones that stick around!

  32. Great points Darren, you have shared such nice info.I really like this post, very useful for me.Thanks for sharing this post.

  33. 你必须有一个伟大的文章。包括很多的话题,尤其是在赚钱博客

  34. 建立一个博客,赚钱太耽误时间了。因此,我们应该一致,并交付了良好的内容。感谢你的分享。

  35. Thank you for such an informative article. I am just starting out and I really appreciate your honesty in what it really takes to make a living blogging.

  36. 如果这样做的博客,我能得到额外的钱,所以我想尝试...但我不知道如何下手吧...顺便说一下,我是马来西亚...。我知道一点点英语,真希望有人能教我开始吧..

  37. Nice informative article. I am glad you pointed out that it’s not a get-rich-quick thing and takes lots of time and patience. So many people mistakenly think they can write a few articles and make a ton of money. They are usually disappointed. A well-crafted blog over the long-term is one of the best assets a person can have out on the Internet.
    Thanks for the great insight :)


  38. 我开始试图从我的博客上有谷歌广告赚钱,但我永远无法让自己真正把足够多的广告放在那里,使其工作。相反,我开始通过Skype提供在线课程,刮为生这样做,最后做了一些Udemy.com课程,我现在从我的网站做广告,现在我做一个良好的生活,全职 - 更多每月。我从来没有长时间地工作要么 - 我睡像一只猫和我完全没有重点的大部分时间。无论是销售自己的产品,或者至少签约作为一个子公司似乎比谷歌的广告要好得多。If I could go back and do anything differently now, I’d start ten years earlier, I’d create a site about whatever I absolutely loved the most (which I’m only now starting to do — my current site is a bit of a compromise between passion and practicality) after checking in Google keyword tool that people are actually searching for it, and I’d post like crazy and only worry about money when I’d built up traffic. Once you have lots of targeted traffic, selling stuff seems comparatively easy.

  39. i created 3 blogs since 2011, trying diff. niche with the hope that i’ll make money if i try diff. niche, one of the blog is down now because i cant make a cent with it. This post has really helped me to understand a lot more about blogging income but most people will agree with me that when we first heard about blogging, we thought it was a easy cash generator. Thanks for this info and i’d like to say we need more post like this.

  40. in the post Google Panda world it has become really tough to get high traffic.

  41. 伟大的文章,感谢跟了上去分享你的知识和未来的博客在那里。我已经几年在高尔夫社区博客现在,正如你在文章中提到的,我已经看到了我的观众继续稳步增长一段时间。


  42. Do I need IT knowledge in order to create blog?

  43. Thank you for such an informative article. I am just starting out and I really appreciate your honesty. Thank you very much

  44. 伟大的秘诀!我开始我的博客从我疯狂的一天的工作精神出路。为了能够赚取一些零花钱将是一个爱好是梦想!



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