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Nine Types of Questions to Ask On Your Facebook Page to Get More Comments

Posted ByDarren Rowse 13th of June 2019 Social Media 0评论

Nine types of questions to ask on your Fcebook page to get more comments

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A lot of people spend time on Facebook. And as bloggers, it makes sense that we want to reach them.

Unfortunately, it’s increasingly difficult to grow your audience using Facebook – especially if you don’t have the budget to boost posts or advertise.

But you can still use Facebook effectively without spending any money.

一件事,帮助很多是建立接触with your existing followers. This will prompt Facebook to show your posts more widely.

Why Engagement Matters So Much – And What it Looks Like


  • your readers will know you’re interested in them as people, and that you want to build a relationship with them
  • 要构建社会证明。如果在你的Facebook页面的人绊倒,看到你和你的读者参与(以及他们与你们沟通),他们更可能想加入。

You can get several different types of engagement, including:

  • 人们喜欢你的Facebook页面
  • People reacting to your updates on Facebook (e.g. like, love, laugh, wow, sad, angry)
  • People sharing your posts with their followers, or in another page or group
  • 人们评论你的帖子。



这听起来很明显,对不对?但是我很惊讶多少我按照网页决不问问题。They never take the opportunity to get me commenting and engaging with them.


Nine Types of Question You Can Ask On Your Facebook Page


This is a really easy (and often very effective) type of question to ask. Here’s a question I asked on the Digital Photography School Facebook page:

The lens attached to my main camera right now is _______.

For a blog such as ProBlogger I might ask:

My first blogging platform was __________.


The word that describes my approach to diet is ____________.


My favourite comfort food is _______________.

The beauty of this type of question is that it’s incredibly simple for someone to answer. They just have to leave one word.

Asking a “fill in the blank” question is often a good way to get someone to leave their first comment – especially if they’ve been following your page for a while without commenting.

#2: “This vs That” Question

With this type of question, you get your followers to choose one of two options. It might be something like “Are you a cat or a dog person?”

On Digital Photography School we might ask, “Do you prefer Nikon or Canon?” or “Do you post-process your photos or not?”


Be careful if your question is likely to spark a lively debate. We don’t ask about Nikon vs Canon too often because it can end up getting a bit negative. (Some people have very strong views about the brand they prefer.)

#3: Question from a Reader

This is a technique one of my online friends Samantha Jockel from学校妈妈用途。她会写个帖子是这样的:

School mum question

These questions (which always start with “A School Mum asks”) are sometimes funny, sometimes start debates, and sometimes offer a way in to more controversial topics. And they often get a lot of comments.

If you don’t have any questions from readers, you might be able to create some by digging into:

  • comments on your blog
  • comments left on your Facebook page
  • 你收到的电子邮件。


While asking your readers to share their biggest problems, challenges, obstacles or even fears might seem a bit negative, you’ll be surprised what comes out in the discussion.

You can ask fairly specific things. For instance, on a parenting page there might be questions such as:

  • What’s your biggest fear as a parent?
  • What’s your biggest challenge at the moment in raising boys?
  • What’s the biggest problem you have in the area of discipline?

These types of questions help you understand who’s following your page. They can also inform future pieces of content for your blog.

You may also find people mentioning problems you’ve written about in the past. You can reply to them and say, “Here’s an article with some tips on how to overcome that challenge”, and drive people back to your archives.



Again, you can use readers’ responses to create content that helps them move toward the dreams they have.

People love to talk about their dreams, ambitions and hopes for their future. So this type of question often gets a lot of comments.


Although people are coming to your Facebook page to learn from you, the reality is that in any community there’s a lot of collective wisdom.

With this type of question you can say, “I want to hear from you today with your tips” about a particular area.



#7: “Share a Photo” Question

While this won’t work for every type of site, asking readers to share a photo (or video) can be relevant to many Facebook pages.

We do this a lot on Digital Photography School, where we might ask people to upload their best portrait or landscape from the previous month. The result? A long list of photos, with many people not even leaving a comment.

This could work on many other types of blogs. Here are some I’ve seen.

  • 育儿博客 - “让我们看看最喜欢的一件艺术品,从你的孩子之一。”
  • Food blogger – “Show us the last picture you took of food on your phone.”
  • 时尚博主 - “让我们看看你最喜欢的一双鞋。”
  • 科技博客 - “你在你的笔记本电脑包有告诉我们一切。”

Again, you may not get as many comments as you would with other types of questions. But you’ll likely get some really interesting ones.

#8: “Accountability” Question

You’ll find this type of question used in a lot of Facebook groups, where they ask things like,“What’s your biggest goal of the week?”or“你想干什么本周达到什么目的?”

This can be a great way to get engagement because it gives you the opportunity to respond to readers later in the week.


我没有完成我的目标。但我做到了阿布t ten minutes after he left that comment. I was really grateful that blogger took the time to keep me accountable. And I know I’ll be going back to that page.

If your page involves people trying to build a habit, learn something or become something, you could ask this type of question and then come back to encourage them and help build some accountability.

#9: Question About a Blog Post


For instance, one post I shared a while back on Digital Photography School wasThe 19 Most Popular Compact System and Mirrorless Cameras With Our Readers

As well as posting the link to Facebook (which automatically pulled in the title and image from the post), I added a question: “Do you use one of these popular compact camera systems?”






Make sure your questions relate to your topic. Occasional off-topic questions can help build engagement, but don’t do it too regularly or readers may feel your page topic is getting lost.


Using an image helps your question stand out in people’s newsfeeds. It could be a plain image, or an image that includes the question text. Spending a minute or two doing this can really boost engagement.

#3: Consider Using Facebook Live

Facebook Lives get more reach than other types of post. So you may want to go on Facebook live and ask your readers a question. Once your live video is over, it will appear in people’s Facebook feeds as a replay.

#4: Time Your Questions Appropriately

Don’t ask questions at the wrong time of day. The other day a question popped into my mind, and I shared it at 3.30pm Australian time. That’s the middle of the night in America (where most of my audience is), and my Aussie audience is picking up their kids from school or about to go home from work. Not many of my readers are online at that time of day.

#5: Don’t Ask Too Many Questions

Mix up the types of post that you publish. Share links, videos, pictures, and so on as well as questions. Facebook seems to prefer this, and it’s likely to be better for reader engagement too.

#6: Be as Responsive As You Can

如果有人回答你的问题,但如果他们得到您的响应是非常好的。他们已经采取了时间给您回复,所以需要一些时间来回应他们。这并不总是需要有一个评论。您可以使用一个“喜欢”或其他响应,尤其是当它们留下了“是” /“否”或单个词的注释。

#7: Be Quite Specific With Your Questions


I hope this helps you come up with lots of ideas for questions you could ask on your Facebook page to build engagement. Of course, you don’t have to limit your use of questions to Facebook pages. You can use them in Facebook groups, LinkedIn groups, on Twitter, or even on your blog.

Seen people using any other types of questions on Facebook or other social media? Let us know about them in the comments.

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