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Most blogs start out as a solo effort, with one person doing all the writing, marketing and social media updates. That’s certainly how I started all my blogs.

But while I still produce most of the content on ProBlogger, it’s a completely different story over at dPS (Digital Photography School). There I have 50 writers and one editor working for me to produce 14 new posts every week.



I can’t really answer that question for you. But what Ican请告诉你如何以及为什么我做到了,并指出了这样做的利弊。

But first I need to tell you something important.

This isn’t the endgame.

Don’t think you need a team of writers before you can consider yourself a successful blogger. There’s nothing wrong with doing it all yourself, no matter how long you’ve been blogging and how many readers you have. In fact, having multiple people writing for your blog could do more harm than good, especially if it’s a personal blog or one where you’re central to its branding.

But if your blog’s focus is on content and information rather than your personal view on things, then bringing in multiple writers might be worth considering.



Back then my goals were to:

  • 建立我的流量
  • 建立我的档案
  • rank in search engines
  • 将人们挂钩订阅我的博客和电子邮件列表
  • build my brand
  • 建立一点参与。

And while they were all important, it was building that engagement that helped me take the blog to the next stage.



And they seemed more than happy to share their knowledge. Many of them read my blog posts and provided great information in their comments.

And it got me thinking.Would they be willing to write guest posts for the blog?




Some of them emailed me to say how much they enjoyed contributing to the blog. And in my reply to thank them I said that if they ever wanted to write a longer piece I’d be happy to talk about it.

At this point Digital Photography had been running for a couple of years, and there was a real sense of community and engagement on the blog. And because of that, a few people agreed to write guest posts despite the fact I couldn’t pay them. They simply wanted to give back to the community. Later I created a “Write for dPS” page where people could submit their ideas, and soon I had a pool of guest writers who were all willing to contribute one guest post a month.






As the blog got more traffic (and more revenue) we grew our team of writers and started publishing more and more posts each week. We now have a team of 50 writers working together to produce 14 posts a week. Some of them write a post every week, while others write one every month.


The hiring process

Rather than advertising for a writer whenever we lose one, we hire people in batches. We tend to advertise every few months of so, and typically hire five people at a time.

We start by posting an advertisement on theyabo娱乐Problogger工作委员会。在那个广告中,我们清楚地说明了我们正在寻找的那种人。我们还要求每个申请人提交他们的工作样本,以帮助我们做出决定。



We then send an email to those we’re interested in that says, “Thanks for your application. Here’s what happens next. We’ll be in touch soon.”

Nest, we sort these applicants into groups (‘Great’, ‘Good’ and ‘Okay’). We’ll grab as many people as we need from the ‘Great’ group first, and if we still don’t have enough we’ll move to the ‘Good’ group, and so on.

We then tell the people we’ve short-listed about the job – what it entails, what it pays, etc. – and ask them to write a trial post for us (which we pay for). This helps us determine not only the quality of their work, but also what they’re like to work with. Can they deliver on time? Are they high maintenance? Do they understand what WordPress is and how to write for that audience? Will they respond to comments people make about their article?

It’s also a way to see whether their style resonates with our audience – what voice they write in, how accessible their content is, how inclusive they are, how clear they are. And it also gives us a chance to see how our audience will respond to them. Do they get a lot of comments? Do they write in a way that’s engaging and gets lots of shares? You get a real feel for people through this process.





It also allows you to publish more specialized content. One of the benefits of having so many people writing for Digital Photography School is it now has so much more content that’s written for expert photographers – content I could never write myself.

But there are also a few drawbacks. It takes time to find, select and train new writers. And if you don’t have a dedicated editor in your team, you may find yourself editing every post that comes through as well.

You may also find that some of your readers don’t like a particular writer’s style or personality. If that happens you need to consider whether keeping them on is worth the potential risk to your readership, and even your brand.

当然,大多数定期贡献者将费用ct to paid.


For those of you who have been thinking about hiring writers for your blog, has this post helped you make your decision? Let us know in the comments.


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