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Freelance Sex Blogger and Relationship Manager

Sofia Gray Published: May 29, 2020
Work can be done remotely
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We're seeking an experienced sex writer to contribute to our blog

We cover a range of topics within sex, kinks and fetishes. Generally, we only publish long-form pieces of content, that being 3000+ words. We'd be looking to hire someone to produce content for us on a bi-monthly basis.

Another important task would be as our outreach and relationship manager. This would mean reaching out and liaising with blogs in the sex niche, then asking if they'd be interested in a guest or sponsored post. The integral part of this task is genuinely building a connection with the blog owner, each email will be personal and well thought out, as opposed to a cold spam outreach message.

一旦你得到领导一个客人post, you'd then need to produce a quality guest post for the blog.

In regards to payment, we'd be looking to pay hourly for all outreach and relationship work, and a per word basis for all of the content.

Please send over examples of your sex blogging and your usual rate per word.



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