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Jayde Leeder is the creative force behindLittle Paper Lane,在悉尼北部海滩一个文具精品店也有一个蓬勃发展在线手臂。She also oversees a全平面设计工作室专业婚礼文具和手工绘制的标志,旁边的教学和管理社会化媒体。

Recently becoming an在线影响者她自己,Jayde已经看到了很多社会化媒体(和Instagram尤其是)如何成为企业的一个基本方面在线 - 或任何真正的业务,这些天谁依赖客户生存。

Jayde is also one of the business owners who recently saw a shift in the ability to reach her audience thanks to myriadchanges to the Instagram platform:时间表洗牌,生物页,故事,并链接到Facebook账户包括在内。但她还有一个谁遇到了这个挑战头企业主之一,创造性和深思熟虑努力工作与改变,而不是被甩在后面。


How important is Instagram and social media in general to your business?

Its crucial. Our success has been directly from social media and our growth is reliant on it.


Massive. Its been almost instant as well. We have had a decrease in online sales, and drive to the blog and website has dropped substantially. My online profile is growing a lot slower. Followings would usually range between 300-1000 new followers every 2-4 weeks. Now it takes almost a month to get even 100 organic followers on my main account. Growth on my shop account has been steady, but no where near as quick or strong as it was before.






什么东西放在Instagram的工作,让观众 - 他们真正来响应?

They love behind the scenes and the ‘real life’ stuff. Everyone loves the pretty shop photos and window displays and what we sell and do, but they love the stories the most. Even if there is a pretty photo, they want to hear the story behind the pretty. And the stories about the reality of life when you have kids and dogs and a business. Instagram followers love to see a gorgeous photo, and you can hold onto them with a gorgeous photo. But you will build a community with a story. They trust us, and want to work with us because Ive been so transparent with our life online.

你经常有店的东西,个人家庭的东西混合 - 你如何将二者结合起来?如何做你的追随者反应?


我工作的原因有这么多神奇的人和a given so many awesome opportunities, is because from day one I was very strict with showing the world the realities of what its like to run a shop when you have a family and to be honest. It has happened organically though, and I’ve watched and listened to what my followers and community love. Once you get an idea of what your followers love, you translate that into your posts. And its been the only ‘theme’ Ive used for my online life…to listen to what they want.

我从来没有想社会化媒体是“硬”,所以最好的办法为我做到这一点是分享这一切。而由于林Jayde,我不喜欢这个世界看起来枯燥又丑,我好不容易才用了很多的漂亮,很多真正的一起凝胶它。亚博娱乐app官网I try to share 1-2 things on Instagram a day about business, one personal, whether its family, dogs losing their shit, or what I’m doing that day, and I try to make sure I’m open about everything I do. Most people stick around.

走出我的Instagram的39.5K的追随者,1500已取消关注。他们中有些人当然会收到反垃圾邮件插件,有些人就是不给一个关于我女儿的衣服是什么废话。有些人真的只是想店里的东西。所以今年作为Instagram的变化正在发生,我开始了Littlepaperlaneshopaccount. And its strictly shop, business and all things that inspire us.



Screen Shot 2016-08-16 at 2.34.17 pm

Do you do different things for your Instagram audience and your Facebook audience?










So for me, with how anxious my brain is, if I don’t address negativity or trolls, then I will stew in my brain too long with the ‘what ifs’ and if you have anxiety, the ‘what ifs’ are a killer. There really isn’t huge amounts of horrid people all the time though, most people are lovely, but if I do cop the brunt of someones douchey comment at me, I wont let it slide, and I will share it with the world.


What would be your top three tips for people who want to use social media to promote their business?

参与在你的社区。Be a part of your online community. The amount of people I see with 297,876 followers and they NEVER comment or engage with their followers is terrible.

These people that follow you are supporting you, and buying things from you or using your services or just being there to read your long anxiety-filled rants and just being there for you. I can’t reply to 200 comments five times a day – I’ll try, but its not always possible – but I can answer the questions and say thank you to a few and interact with them. It’s not a community if you are on top of the mountain looking down on everyone at the base of it.


Evolve and learn。人们喜欢跟着你是有原因的,你不希望从他们在那里什么太远摇摆,但你不希望孔他们要么。因此,保持创建和保持前进,同时保持忠于你,你相信什么。


Trend alert。I know it sounds like you have to be ‘cool’, but you don’t have to be. Your社交媒体必须。

If you want to succeed on any social media, you have to make sure it looks the part. The most influential instagrammers and businesses doing amazingly well on social media, and Instagram especiallym all have the same thing in common: they have stunning feeds. Their content looks amazing.

Whenever I teach social media, I always tell them they need to keep up with trends. Yes we all want to be hipsters that are way ahead of trends, but even being a hipster is a sort of trend. You need to know what is going on in the world and what works on social media.

Instagram的especially is always image first, content and conversation second. Draw your audience in with your photo, and keep them there with your conversation and information.

所以,很多时候,我将有一个客户在一个教训,他们有一个伟大的企业,但他们不能让社交媒体上的任何地方。你看看他们的饲料和它的黑暗和模糊,没有告诉任何类型的故事。作出努力,使它看起来惊人。它不要求你是一个造型师。但是,学习如何使用好编辑程序 - Snapseed提供您的手机上应该是你的死党。



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  2. This just goes to show how business owners and marketers can’t rely on channels. We need to stay on top of new updates and ahead of new trends without getting overwhelmed. Jayde is a really good example of how, above all, we should stick to the basic principles of giving value to our customers and engaging with them. Loved reading her tips.

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