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What every blogger needs to know about email

这篇文章是基于episode 251of the ProBlogger podcast.

I’vesaid it before和I’ll say it again: email is one of the best ways (if notthe最佳方式)与您的博客读者联系。



But that’s easier said than done. How do you actually set up an email list? How do you get people to subscribe to it. And when theydo订阅,你发给他们什么?


Choosing an email provider


  • forms for people to subscribe (and unsubscribe) from your list
  • allowing people to confirm their subscription (double opt-in)
  • templates to help you create your newsletter
  • 当人们收到您的时事通讯时计划
  • 用批处理发送您的时事通讯,因此它不会被标记为垃圾邮件
  • segmenting your list based in various attributes (country, language, etc.)
  • statistics on who opens and reads your newsletter.

How much you will need to pay will depend on the email provider and the numbers of features you need. However, a lot of them offer a free option based on how many subscribers you have in your list.

我们有一个指导ProBlogger PLUS Members Librarythat compares the various email providers so you can choose the one that best suits your needs. And这是一个博客帖子to help you even more.

Once you’ve settled on an email provider, the next step is…

Setting up your subscription forms




和once you get your first subscriber, it’s time to start…



What you include in your newsletter is totally up to you. But here are a few ideas on what you could include:

  • A paragraph about your latest post with a link to the full post on your blog
  • 关于你的下一个帖子的速度是关于的
  • Links to interesting articles you’ve read
  • Something you’ve learned
  • A famous quote that resonates with you (and perhaps the reason why)
  • 有关您的一点信息,或者自上次时事通讯以来一直在达到什么
  • 关于他们想在博客上阅读的内容的建议
  • A question they could answer, which could then be used in a future post (with their permission, of course).

这是一个博客帖子进入内容转为叙述你的简报e deeper.

As I said, what you put in your newsletter is totally up to you. Just make sure it has some useful information that can give your readers a ‘quick win’.


和make sure you keep sending them, no matter how many subscribers you have. Don’t think you have to wait until you have 100 subscribers to make it worth your while.

But what happens when you have everything set up and people still aren’t subscribing? If that happens you may need to think about…

Creating an incentive to subscribe

如果您在另一个网站上订阅了通讯,您可以获得一些奖励,以便订阅订阅 - 免费PDF,下次订单的折扣等。

这可能是吸引人们订阅的好方法yournewsletter. You could create a simple PDF offering tips on how to perform a particular task or other information related to your niche.

Unfortunately, you may find that some people subscribe just to get your free offering. And once they have it, they unsubscribe the first chance they get (probably by using the link in your newsletter).

当然,如果你的PDF中的内容与博客上的内容一样有用,他们将意识到它值得作为用户并坚持下去。但是,还有另一种方法可以让它们保持订阅更长 - 电子邮件序列。这是您每周一直在发送更多有用信息的地方(或您选择的任何时间范围)作为留在订阅的激励。

The information you send could be more ‘freebies’ like your initial offering. But it could also be a series of emails that steps them through a process in greater detail. And at the end of each email you hint at what’s coming in the next one, which gives them more incentive to stay subscribed so they don’t miss out.


We have a number of these email sequences at ProBlogger. But one of the most popular incentives is our 6 Months of Blog Post Ideas, where people can sign up to get 30 blog post ideas every month for six months. It’s a way to give those who subscribe a quick win (30 ideas within minutes of signing up), but also keep delivering those quick wins over time.

另一个选择的选择是我们的Ultimate Guide to Start a Blog Course。While it doesn’t necessarily create a quick win, we’ve found that the people who sign up for it have stayed with us as readers and listeners. They’re grateful, and it shows the power of creating something for free in exchange for an email address.

Ready to set upyouremail list?

As I said earlier, email is one of the best ways you can connect with your readers. And the tools available today make setting up a subscription list, gathering email addresses and sending out regular newsletters quite easy.

So choose your provider, get those forms on your site, and get ready to make a real connection with your readers.


Photo by Solen Feyissa on Unsplash

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