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How to Write Engaging Blog Posts

Today’s episode is about how to make sure your blog posts are really interesting. I share 11 tips you can use in your writing to get attention and maintain interest. Today’s podcast is a challenge to myself – to include as much high quality advice as I can in just 3 minutes! These are tips you can keep coming back to in future to keep improving your blog. I’m also including a lot of extra resources in the show notes with examples and further ideas that you can refer to.



You can listen to today’s episode above or iniTunes要么Stitcher(where we’d also LOVE to get your reviews on those platforms if you have a moment). In today’s episode:

  • 如何让你的博客文章很有用你的读者
  • How to share your opinion
  • How to cut out the fluff
  • How to visualise your reader
  • How to make your blog posts scannable
  • How to make your headlines catchy
  • How to show your passion
  • How to ask your readers to do something
  • How to tell stories well
  • How to make your blog posts look interesting
  • How to continuously improve your writing

Further Reading and Resources for How to Write Engaging Blog Posts

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Number 1. Be useful. If your blog post isn’t informing, inspiring, entertaining, or making someone’s life better in some way, do not publish it until it is.

Number 2. Share your opinion. Opinions are often what sets your blog post apart from what everyone else is writing about, so share them.

Number 3. Cut out the fluff which is what I am trying to do in this podcast. Before you hit publish, revise your post and remove anything that does not add value.

Number 4. Visualize your reader as you are writing. Writing with a reader in mind personalizes your writing in ways that you cannot even imagine.

Number 5. Make your posts scannable. Only 16% of people read every word that you write. Format your post in a way where your main points stand out using bullet posts or headlines.


Number 7. Write with passion. When you share that you care what you are writing about your readers will most likely care, too.


Number 9. Tell stories. Stories are incredibly powerful at connecting with your readers in inspiring and teaching them. They will also create memories in your readers.

Number 10. Give your posts visual appeal. The inclusion of a great image or a well-designed diagram can take your post to the next level and help it to be shared so much more.

And lastly practice. The best way to improve your writing. To write content that changes people’s life is to practice, practice, practice.


How did you go with today’s episode?

What other strategies do you use to make sure your blog is attention-grabbing? If you’ve got a blog post that has got much more attention than normal, feel free to include a link and let me know why you think it worked. I’d love to hear from you in the comments below.