How One Blogger Found Encouragement in Difficult Times

Our new bloggers series continues with Melissa, who started生活在等待.

Her blog serves as a resource for those waiting for something in their lives, whether it’s a job, spouse, home or something else.

一个博客如何变成一个痛苦的情况变成一个改变生活的博客 Melissa discovered you can still live life during that time of waiting for something your heart desperately desires.

In Melissa’s case, she and her husband were waiting for a family due to infertility. It’s a painful topic to talk about, but Melissa felt like it was her calling to share her story.


First-year blogging highlights:

  • StartedThe Wait List有客人联系others who were also waiting
  • Selected as recipient of ProBlogger scholarship to further the blog’s reach
  • Generated cycle of encouragement: live life to the fullest, and give back to others


  • 在完美进度
  • Celebrate your wins

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请讲of courses, today we do continue our Start A Blog story series where we’re featuring stories from bloggers in their first year of blogging. There are all these bloggers who’ve been throughout Start A Blog course and many of them participated in our International Start A Blog Day last February. We’ve got the second iteration of that event coming up on the 7th of February this year.

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Melissa: My name is Melissa. I started the blog called Living In the Wait and the URL is What my blog is about is it’s a resource for those who are basically trying to live in the wait. Whether you’re waiting for a family, job, spouse, we all wait for something in our lives. For my husband and I, that wait happened to be infertility.

Why I started my blog was based upon our own personal experience. For over three years, my husband and I have been going through infertility. Something that I never imagined or of course, who would want something like that to go through? But while we were in that process, I began asking myself this question. I said, “How am I supposed to keep living in the wait? How do I keep living every month when I’m continually disappointed? How do I keep living my life? How do I live in the wait?”

That’s really where the whole concept and idea behind Living In The Wait began, where I wanted to be a source for others who are going through a wait and providing them encouragement, support, a community, resources, so they knew that while you are waiting for something in your life that your heart just desperately desires, that you can still live during that time. That’s what I had to learn and that’s also what I wanted to share with others, as well to be a resource for them.

我开始我的博客。我的第一篇文章是2月4日of 2018 and as I mentioned, really the whole goal with that is just to be a resource, support, encouragement for those going through some sort of wait. We all wait for something. Our wait just happened to be infertility. During that time, I really noticed a lack of resources, information, support available for people going through infertility and I wanted to do something about that. I knew that I needed that for our journey and I just was surprised that it wasn’t made available to us readily in my community. I’ve noticed that it’s a topic that is hard to talk about and I think that’s part of the reason people maybe don’t share as much. I knew that it was something that God was leading me to do, was to share my story.

I was just amazed as soon as we started sharing ours, how many people stepped up and shared their story as well. Through that, just felt so much community of other people from around the world experiencing the wait, the same wait that my husband and I were going though and how that’s all what we wanted. We all wanted those resources and support, community, just to gather around us to help us during that time because going through something like that, like I said, the resources for that were very limited. How do you go through something? How do you handle those emotions? The grief, the disappointment every month, how are you prepared to do that?

That’s what I wanted to do with Living In The Wait. I still have a long way to go but that’s really kind of my goal and objective is to be that resource to people when they are going through talk a lot about infertility, but we all wait for something. I feel like those tips and the articles that I’ve written are things that do apply for anybody, whatever their type of wait may be.



我和我丈夫刚刚通过的态度,自从开始这个博客。It has been a game-changer for us where yes, we’re disappointed every month, we find out that we’re not pregnant but we have been able to just live life to the fullest by doing things that we enjoy and also giving back and being generous to other people as well. This has been so much fun blogging. That’s kind of the story of why I started Living In The Wait. Kind of some of the dreams that had end goals and objectives that I’ve wanted as well with this blog.

Just a couple of highlights from my first year that I wanted to share. One of the things I did was I started my blog in February but in April, I started a monthly series called The Wait List. Basically, it features guest host from people who, you guessed it, are all waiting. As I said, we all wait for things in our lives. I wanted to feature these stories of other people to provide hope and encouragement for others who are going through their wait and basically allow them to see those people and see how they were able to live in their wait.

I think when you’re able to connect to someone that you know, that you can see them getting through a tough situation, it brings you hope. It reminds you that this is something that I can do as well. That has been one of the most powerful things I have done with my blog is The Wait List. It has been one of the most popular posts that I do every month as well.

What’s so neat with that is just how it’s been able to help further the reach of Living In The Wait because there’s only so many people I can reach. But when these other people who are being featured put that information out there and they share to their social media sites, that’s another way I have been able to get that reach spread more is other people read and they find out what Living In The Wait is and what it means.

It’s been so much fun to hear other people’s stories. I love meeting people and that’s what I enjoy the most about The Wait List is I get to connect with them, share their story, and every one of them has just brought so much encouragement to me so I know it’s brought a lot for other people as well who are going through that. That’s been one of the big highlights that we had for Living In The Wait.



Also, for any other people who are interested in blogging, like I said, this wasn’t something that I really would have thought of doing myself but through our experience with infertility, I just really felt that nudge that this was something I should be doing, was starting a blog, sharing our story, and encouraging other people through their wait. Through that it includes me. That’s what so neat about starting a blog. It’s definitely very therapeutic for the person that’s writing it but other people when they read it, it’s just like this cycle of encouragement that comes back to you.

我学到几建议that I would like to share. The main one is progress over perfection. I’m a perfectionist and there have been so many times when I was writing a post or I was trying to decide about a giveaway or questions to ask to my community. There was so much self-doubt and so many times that would stop me from doing things. I was so concerned about being perfect with the information I was sharing that it would stop me.

I finally got to the point where I was just like, “You know what? I’m tired of this. I know I have value to provide and I’m going to share it.” Yes, there’s times where maybe I wished I would have done something different but that’s where we learn and that’s where it’s so important to go out there and just do that progress, make that progress, do it scared, and know that it might not be perfect, but sometimes, I feel those posts were maybe the ones that people enjoy the most because you’re so vulnerable and genuine with people. So, progress over perfection.


达伦:非常感谢,梅利莎,与我们分享您的故事和博客。我喜欢这个博客的话题。It does come out of a painful experience the starting of this blog but this is a theme that I’ve noticed over the years is that many of the blogs that have the biggest impact upon their readers actually start out of these tough situations or these hard experiences that the bloggers have themselves. A painful experience can actually be a life-giving thing for both the person themselves going through that experience but also many other people who can relate to that.

The topic of waiting is something that even as Melissa was talking, I can think of times in my own life when I was waiting in different areas and it’s something that I think many people will be able to relate to. I want to celebrate this topic and say, “Well done, Melissa, and your hubby, I’m not sure what his name was, for starting that blog.”


I think I talked in episode 263 about vulnerability and how, when I’ve been vulnerable with my readers and listeners that, often I see that come back to me in the comments, in he messages, in the emails, in the interactions that listeners have. So, great listen there. To put yourself out there and to be willing to go into some of those more painful parts of your life and just see what happens as a result of that.


我认为这是扩大的话题,给她不只是一个话题谈论,或许扩大了观众,以及一个有趣的方式。我想这也是另一种方式去思考你的博客的主题,来定位你的博客一个非常好的例证。每月系列等待列表,再次辉煌的战略和它种涉及到我们在最后一集听到。最后一集,我们的博客被采访人,导致她的博客的增长。这也是在设有别人的故事,客人作家将有助于双方扩大主题分成不同的区域,而且还拓宽了观众以及因为那些作家都有自己的网络,显然是共享到该网络已帮助成长Melissa’s blog as well.




Thanks so much, Melissa. Again, you can find her blog at You can find our show notes with a full transcription of today’s show as well. Another episode you might want to listen to on our show notes today at Also, the episode that you might want to dig into a little bit, I kind of mentioned a little bit earlier is episode 263 where I talked about vulnerability. I give an example of my own vulnerability and the good things that happened when I put my pain and confusion out there for people. It’s a little bit more personal but I hope that you find something good out of that as well. I’d love to hear your examples of when you’ve been vulnerable with your readers as well.

Don’t forget to check out our Start A Blog course at If you are interested in getting a blog up and running in a similar way that Melissa is going to bring a lot of life to those around you and to you as well, that’s at Thanks for listening. Chat with you in the next few days where I will continue our series of stories from our new bloggers.

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